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CO2 Tank Rental

CO2 Tank Rental

Multiple Options Available


Option 1: Our Complete System

CO2 Cannon with Included Hose for Spraying CO2.

No Tools or Setup Required.

Just pull the Safety Pin,

Press Down on Lever/Button to Release this Special FX Effect. 



20lb - 15-20 Seconds (4-5 Cloud Blasts @ 3 Seconds Each Blast)

15lb - 12-15 Seconds (3-4 Cloud Blasts @ 3 Seconds Each Blast)


Option #2: Commercial Valve CO2 Siphon Tank with Standard Fitting. 

20lb or 15lb Tank Sizes Available 

You will use your own CO2 Gun with Handle Trigger 

You will need your own CO2 Hose (to connect to our tank)

You will need your own wrench (to connect your hose to our tank)


Pickup and Delivery Available for Additional Charge

  • Liability Waiver Required

    Customer Agrees to Sign Liability Waiver upon picking up product from our warehouse or on site at the time of product delivery. 

Sales Tax Included
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