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Custom Gobo (Design & Machine Rental)

Custom Gobo (Design & Machine Rental)

Project your client or customers name's or logo's onto various surfaces. 


Two Types of Rental Services are available: 

1. Machine ONLY Rental


2. DESIGN & Machine Rental


Pickup & Delivery Options are available. 


Film Gobo Design: 

- Must Recieve a minimum 24-48hr notice.

- Design and Printing of gobo is included. 

- Portable Gobo Machine Included - Battery Operated & Wireless - 25-35 Watt LED 

- (only works for Initials, Short Names, and Dates. No long words or custom logos)


Metal Gobo: 

- Must Recieve a minimum of 2 week notice.

- Gobo Design is included.

- Laser Cut Metal Gobo.

- Martin PR-1 Gobo Projector Included. 

- Custom Logos, Names, Dates, or Custom Designs Allowed. 


Design Samples will be sent for Approval before final printing is ordered.


Delivery and Setup is also available for additional fee and includes mounting pole hardware to display the gobo projection wherever you choose at the venue. 

    Sales Tax Included
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