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Video Wall Display Service

Video Wall Display Service

Introducing our state-of-the-art Video Wall Display Service, designed to elevate your event's production value and create a mesmerizing concert-like experience for you and your guests.


Event Friend understands the importance of enhancing every aspect of your event, and our Video Wall Display Service is the perfect solution to add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment.


Imagine having the latest and most fascinating display technology showcasing your cherished memories and pictures of yourself and your loved ones on screens that surpass the traditional TV experience.


Our video walls can be built to any custom shape or size to provide an immersive visual experience, captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression.


Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or any special occasion, our Video Wall Display Service offers unparalleled versatility and customization.


You can curate a slideshow of your most memorable moments, display live feeds of the event in real-time, or even integrate dynamic visual effects to synchronize with the music and ambiance.


With screens much larger than typical TV displays, our video walls command attention and transform any venue into a vibrant spectacle. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our team of experts will seamlessly integrate the video wall into your event setup, ensuring smooth operation and maximum impact.


Don't settle for ordinary when you can elevate your event to extraordinary with our Video Wall Display Service.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn your vision into a captivating reality, creating unforgettable memories for you and your guests. Let's take your event to the next level together!


Please Choose from the Following Screen Configurations:

  • DJ Facade Video Wall 
  • Single Screen Configuration
  • Dual Screen Configuration 
  • Individual Truss Towers Configuration


For an additional fee, We can provide additional services for your video wall rental such as:


  • Professional Zap Shot Photographer - Capture Candid Photo Moments of the event on a DSLR Camera with Speedflash by a professional photographer. We will display those photos instantly on your video screens of choice. 


  • Custom Montage Slide Show Production - Client will provide us with photo and/or video moments that will be combined into a professional slideshow (can be synchronized to music), to be presented at a moment of their choice during the event. 


  • Professional Video Production Service: Display Pictures, Videos, Memories or Celebrity Shout-Outs throughout different times of the event. 



  • Live Camera Video Service - Display a live feed of different locations, areas, or speakers that may be requested by the client throughout the entire event. 


  • Professional Video Technician to run all video content for the duration of the event. 


Discounted Pricing Available when booking other rental services and/or booking for multiple consecutive days. Please Contact Us. 


  • Please Review the Setup and Delivery Disclaimer for any info regarding the Setup and Delivery fees.
  • Fee for Setup and Delivery may be required

    Setup & Delivery is INCLUDED only when event is located in an easily accessible venue and proper amount of time (2+ Hours) is provided for setup. 

    If there is any use of Stairs and/or Elevator (that would delay the load in process), or a Loading area/dock that does not lead directly into the room (Via a Wheelable Route) that is Required to access the venue there will be an additional charge for Setup & Delivery of $250 - $500. 

    If more than 2-3 hours of setup time is not provided BEFORE the Event Start Time, an additional rush labor fee will apply. 

  • Indoor Rated Panels Come Standard

    Indoor Rated Panels are standard. 

    Outdoor Rated Panels are Available for Additional Fee. Please Contact us for different pricing if you require a video wall rental for an outdoor event. 

Sales Tax Included
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