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Cold Spark Fountains Service

Cold Spark Fountains Service

Cold Spark Fountains are a stunning and mesmerizing special effects technology that adds an extra spark to any event. These fountains use advanced technology to create a safe, non-pyrotechnic spark effect that can last up to ten minutes. The sparks created are cold, which means there is no fire risk, making them a great option for indoor events.


Cold Spark Fountains are perfect for a variety of events, including weddings, corporate events, concerts, and festivals. They can be used to create a dramatic entrance, highlight a special moment, or add excitement to a performance. 


With their unique combination of visual and audio effects, Cold Spark Fountains create an unforgettable experience for any audience. They can be synchronized with music, making them a perfect addition to any DJ set or live performance.


Additionally, they are easy to set up, and our team of experts will ensure they are installed and operated safely.


At your next event, make a lasting impression with Cold Spark Fountains. These special effects will add a magical touch to any event, leaving your guests in awe and making it a night to remember.


Customer is responsible to verify that the venue permits this type of Special FX. 

  • Class D Yellow Extingusher Rental

    Some venues may require a CLASS D Fire Extingusher for fire safety compliance to use with spark machines. If you required to have this, we have it available for rental. 

  • Special FX Permit May Be Required.

    Check with the venue and/or local township to see if a fire department permit is required for use inside of the desired event venue. 

Sales Tax Included
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